Bullboat: Content            2019-2020
Role: UX/UI Design, Content Strategy

Bullboat is a one-stop distribution company helping young tech start-ups break into Europe. Over the last ten years, they’ve introduced brands such as Fitbit, Misfit, Urbanista or Native Union to the biggest retailers in the continent. As part of my ongoing work with Bullboat, I’ve led the overhaul of their digital content, including their blog and newsletters.

Introducing the brands

Bullboat newsletters are a discovery platform for European retailers and buyers looking for the next big thing. The design is stripped down to display essential information, containing only two CTAs: a further dive-in into the products and a sample request via Bullboat’s sales team.

Meet the Makers

Another fundamental aspect of Bullboat’s content is the people behind the brands they partner with. ‘Meet the Makers’—below shown in its newsletter form—brings interviews with the minds crafting the next sensations in the world of innovative tech hardware.

Creating a journey and a destination

All of Bullboat’s content converges at their blog, with newsletters and social media acting as teasers and forwarding channels to the full pieces hosted in their pages. The topics covered in the blog are structured in 4 main categories, each of them providing Bullboat readers with a specific angle of the tech hardware world.


Photography for mock-up-only purposes:
1. Meet The Makers: Liz Seabrook
2. Office: Mark Wickens