Bullboat: Intro Magazine            2020
Role: Design and Brand Consultancy

Intro is a new take on the direct-mail distribution brochure. With an editorial and curated approach, this printed catalogue/magazine offers a quarterly window into the world’s most exciting tech hardware. It also serves as a novel channel for Bullboat, the leading distribution partner for innovative technology in Europe, to introduce up-and-coming brands to retail buyers.

Introducing the world’s most innovative tech products

Intro is a new approach to the distribution catalogue aimed at retail buyers. While its title conveys the magazine’s core benefit to their readers, the use of generous imagery, bold typography and editorial style allows Bullboat to introduce new products to buyers in a language consistent with that of the brands they represent.

Introducing the makers

Another fundamental aspect to Bullboat as a company is their trusting relationship with the people behind the brands they partner with. In line with the company’s digital content, ‘Meet the Makers’ brings to every issue of Intro exclusive interviews with the minds responsible for the next hits in the world of tech hardware.

A catalogue you’ll read 

In an industry often cluttered with digital literature and throwaway direct-mail, Intro’s magazine-like quality seeks to make this distribution catalogue stand out, lead to action, and give it life beyond first browse as a piece to revisit and look forward to.


For mock-up-only purposes:

Meet The Makers: Greyson MacAlpine

Meet The Makers: extracts from Christina D. Warner’s interview with Justin Wang