Bullboat: Website            2019-2020
Role: UX & UI Design
Build by Jack Prosser
Identity by James McNaught

Bullboat is a full-service distribution company helping young tech hardware start-ups break into Europe. Over the last ten years, they’ve partnered with brands such as Fitbit, Misfit, Urbanista or Native Union to introduce them to the biggest markets and retailers in the continent. My first collaboration with Bullboat involved the redesign of their website as part of their rebrand process. Using the new identity components, I developed the visual language further to allow the brand to come alive digitally.

Speaking the same language

The new Bullboat website look is pared-down, contemporary in its layout, copy and use of photography and colour, in-keeping with the start-up tech industry’s visual language.

Showcasing Bullboat

From lists of services and case studies to high-value marketing initiatives, testimonials and results, the new site displays the range of solutions Bullboat brings to tech start-ups looking to launch in Europe. The new website includes dedicated Partners and Team sections as well as a quick-access Contact tab.

Creating a content hub

As well as presenting the company and its portfolio of services throughout the new site, we created a blog for Bullboat to share content about the tech start-up industry they know so well. A bespoke landing page and a flexible article layout allow for easy scanning of information and categorization, while making the process of adding new content straight-forward for the Bullboat team.


Images used for mock-up-only purposes:
1. Office photography: Mark Wickens
2. Marketing Activitiy: AP, Nike
3. Instagram & illustrations: various